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parr street studios
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the home of coldplay’s first 3 albums
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What We Do

Parr Street Studios

Grammy-award winning Liverpool City Centre based Parr Street is the UK’s biggest recording studios outside of London. Previously owned by Genesis it was saved from demolition in 2006 by Gary Millar, Steve Macfarlane & Thomas Lang.

Since buying the complex the three have developed the business, which now houses recording studios, two bars (The Attic (formerly 3345) and STUDIO2), 10 offices, a 12-bedroom hotel and a recently launched hotel mini bedroom concept called PodZzz.

Hotel - a place to stay

Although Parr Street Studios is still a thriving recording studio it has since expanded to include a boutique 12-bedroom hotel (the bedrooms are large and include twins, doubles and one triple), 5 funky single mini-bedrooms (these are smaller and each is about 3.5 metres square) and 1 double mini-bedroom - called the Love Pod.


There are 2 award winning tenant run bars within Parr Street Studios.  The newest is the fantastically laid back and relaxed “The Attic” - the exciting recreation of a bigger 3345 opening in March 2012. Plus, of course  Liverpool's best kept secret STUDIO2. Maybe not so secret since its been bar of the month twice - in the BBC Good Food Guide's OLIVE Magazine & ESQUIRE Magazine! Also, the Independent Magazine twice reported that STUDIO2 is one of the UK's "Top 50 Bars".  STUDIO2 was also finalist for Theme Magazine's "Best Bar Design".


Parr Street Studios is more than a hotel, is more than 2 bars and more than a famous recording studio. We also have 10 serviced offices rented normally on a month to month basis. Unusually, secure access is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and for most of the year.  Please call 0151-707 1050 to find out if any are available.

Mailbox Service

It is said “Parr Street Studios” is the perfect low-cost business/mailing address.  No need for an more expansive office if all you need is a mail drop off & collection point.

Recording Studios

Our tenant Rooftop Audio operate/run/manage the recording studios within Parr Street Studios. Chris Taylor and Rich Turvey are your main contacts.  Want to chat to them about your next music, soundtrack or voice over project?  Give them a call on 0151 707 1050 or visit their website at www.parrstreetstudios.co.uk for further details.

Location Filming/Photography

Parr Street Studios is a sought after, iconic music location for professional film makers and photographers. We have various spaces available to hire for filming purposes.


Book now online at Booking.com for our lowest bedroom rates


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* standard double rate